The "Poultry Wife" in the former Fish Market in Utrecht has been 

photographed by thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Poultry Wife, Vismarkt, Utrecht, H165 cm 

"Oratriculus" (little orator) is the name of a bronze sculpture of a boy 

sitting on a pedestal discussing the world's problems with passers-by.

"Prometheus", who stole fire from the gods to give to mankind, is a 110 cms tall figure 

sitting on a high pedestal, with three dwarves at its foot

PROMETHEUS, H 110cms, NUON, Keulesekade, Utrecht

Monumental bronze egg covered with scenes in relief, 3m high, for a healthcare organization in Bunnik, The Netherlands.

Zoom-in on one of the reliefs on the monumental bronze egg 

In 1996 the medieval Dom cathedral of Utrecht was provided with a set of large bronze doors.

The bronze doors, outside view

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The bronze doors, inside view

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DOS monument, near soccer stadion Galgenwaard in Utrecht.

The monument is made of “corten steel” and has lights inside, see next 2 photo’s

DOS Monument, front side, at night

DOS Monument, back side, at night

Anton Geesink, Jacobikerkhof, Utrecht

with the artist himself

Anton Geesink, Jacobikerkhof, Utrecht

 H 85 cm, pedestal H 200 cm 

© Theo van de Vathorst, c/o Beeldrecht, Amstelveen