Theo van de Vathorst: het beeld en het verhaal

Early in 2004, Theo van de Vathorst celebrated his 70th birthday. In honor of this occasion, Galerie de Ploegh and Museum Flehite in Amersfoort, Holland, held a retrospective exhibition of his work.

A lavishly illustrated book, written by art historian Louk Tilanus of Leiden University, appeared at the same time.

Theo van de Vathorst studied at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam. His work sits squarely in the worldwide representational tradition centered on the human figure, which to him is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. This means that in addition to his European roots he feels a strong affinity with non-European cultures. Neither tradition nor affinity, however, are in any way dominant in Theo's work, which is never predictable.

He has created portrait heads and freestanding sculptures, medals and large reliefs. In his own words every piece should be 'complete in itself' and appear to be the product of a single, fluent, movement. Humor, too, is an essential feature of his work.


Theo van de Vathorst: het beeld en het verhaal ("Telling Sculpture"), is to appear in paperback as well as in a limited luxury edition. This special edition will consist of no more than 150 copies, bound, numbered, each one signed by the artist, and accompanied by a silver medal created exclusively for this edition.

ISBN 90 400 8922 1 (paperback): price (excl. shipping) Euro 19.50

ISBN 90 400 8923 x (special edition with silver medal): price (excl. shipping) Euro 225

23x29 cms

96 pages

60 pictures in full color and 20 in black and white

With summary in English.

All books are available through local booksellers both in Holland and other countries, as well as directly from the publishers.

For more information, please contact Waanders Publishers, tel. +31 38 4673 400, or by email at <info @>.
In view of the limited number of copies available, orders will be filled in the sequence in which they are received.

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